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Happiness And Gratitude

Happiness & Gratitude

Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Do not compare yourself to others. Visit vovinamuniversity.com to learn more about #Selflessness #UnconditionalLove and #TheWayofLife Video: Youtube/RobDialJr https://www.facebook.com/vovinamuniversity/videos/1008314426288837/

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Life Style Changes

Lifestyle changes

People are constantly asking me about supplements and additions to their diet to protect themselves and I think this fantastic diagram sums up my feelings on the matter. We have to get the very BASICS right before jumping to additions.…

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People Physic

Remember kindness is free.

I think this explains why some of my friends back in college who did extreme weight lifting complains having problems to build muscles, even though proper diet, nutrition and targeted muscle group workout were incorporated. And there's that one guy…

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