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Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes

People are constantly asking me about supplements and additions to their diet to protect themselves and I think this fantastic diagram sums up my feelings on the matter. We have to get the very BASICS right before jumping to additions. I guarantee you, the simplest solution to overall wellbeing and improved population resilience isn’t an expensive pill or added micronutrients in isolation.

This graph comes from an awesome in-depth article on examine.com, the link to which is in my newsletter this week. It’s a bit of a read but to sum it up: Eat more plants, rest more, find a stress-relieving strategy and stick with it. Try these mantras to help you form them as habits:

👉🏽Just One more (bit.ly/3bj99x1)
👉🏽Phones off 2 hours before bed
Consciously Breathe for 60 seconds a day (check out my 👉🏽YouTube videos with @doctor_rabia and I on my YouTube channel bit.ly/2AJwGdd)

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